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If you are planning to install signals, you must submit a proposal to the Department of State Growth. The proposal must include landowner consent, plans, timings and phasing diagrams.

All plans must be supplied to the Manager Traffic Engineering using the Department’s template plan. (ZIP file)

Plans must contain but are not limited to:

  • pavement markings
  • regulatory signage
  • signal hardware
  • vehicle detection systems
  • all underground infrastructure
  • networking infrastructure
  • the point(s) of connection to the TasNetworks supply.

Any modifications to existing signals must be done by the Department.

All designs and works must comply with the relevant State Growth (VicRoads) Specifications and applicable State Growth standard drawings.

Works in the State road reservation will require approval under Section 16 of the Roads and Jetties Act 1935. Landowner consent may also be required under the Land Use and Planning Approvals Act 1993.

The proponent will liaise at all appropriate stages with the Manager Traffic Engineering (or delegate) to coordinate timeframes / delivery dates. Includes;

  • Civil and electrical works
  • Hardware installation
  • Networking to SCATS
  • Pavement marking / regulatory signage
  • Commissioning of signals

Hold points must be formally checked off by the Department as they arise before proceeding to the next step in the process.

If you wish to make an enquiry please email