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Proponents must make formal application to the Department regarding each proposed scheme. We will ensure all documentation addresses relevant standards and guidelines referred to below and make a recommendation to the Commissioner for Transport on the proposal.

Proponents are responsible for ensuring they refer to the latest version of all documentation published by the Department. Traffic signal related documents are published below.

All designs must be based on an engineering survey.

All designs and works must comply with the relevant Departmental specifications and applicable standard drawings.

All plans and phasing calculations must be submitted for review using the Department’s templates. Plans must include:

  • signal plan, including:
    • all signal hardware
    • all underground infrastructure (electrical and communications conduits, pits, poles, signal controller location, etc.)
    • point(s) of connection to the TasNetworks supply.
  • operational plan, including:
    • phasing diagrams
    • signal group arrangement
    • vehicle detection systems
    • any site specific operation notes.
  • civil works and traffic facilities plan, including:
    • kerb alignments, access ramp locations, traffic islands, pedestrian footpaths
    • design vehicle turn paths
    • pavement markings
    • traffic signs.

The following documentation is required in order for us to consider a design for a new traffic signal installation:

  • Evidence that Austroads warrants have been met
  • Detailed design/site plans
  • Phasing Calculations (Phase and Pedestrian time settings)
  • Communications strategy
  • Landowner consent (if proponent is not landowner), and
  • Traffic modelling (SIDRA analysis), at the discretion of the Department’s Traffic Systems Team.