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To make sure that public transport is reliable and safe on the State road network and bus customers are aware of any changes, before you submit your permit application you need to:

  • consider whether the operations of public transport will be affected for an extended period of time
  • consider whether the access to public transport will be affected for an extended period of time
  • make sure your plans allow access for public transport or provided alternate routes or bus stop locations
  • consult with the relevant bus operators on any proposed changes.

If your permit is approved, you must:

  • work with the relevant bus or taxi operators to communicate proposed changes to customers
  • ensure alternative access arrangements identified in your application remain available during the period of your activity
  • not cause further disruption to other public transport services beyond those agreed in your permit.

To assist with your permit application please check the latest information on:

A minimum two weeks’ notice is required to temporarily change bus routes and stop locations following permit approval.

For more information on public transport operations email