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Considering the sensitive environment of the Tarkine was important during the design and construction of the Tarkine Drive Upgrade project.

We did an extensive series of surveys and monitoring programmes to assess and mitigate the impacts on the natural environment of construction works and increased road users. We also did location-specific environmental awareness training for construction workers, a program of regular and on-going roadkill monitoring, and a plan to remediate sites of historic disturbance in the region.

The Australian Government approved the project with a number of conditions under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. In meeting these conditions, we made sure that the project met best-practice environmental management.

2Awareness Training

All workers involved in construction were inducted through an Environmental Awareness Training Program. The program educated workers about the unique environmental values in the Tarkine and made sure they understood their legal obligations to minimise impacts to the local natural surroundings.

3Roadkill Monitoring – Register

We started regular roadkill monitoring at the beginning of construction. We did this to get more data about roadkill, and to help with roadkill mitigation strategies along the Tarkine Drive.

This monitoring is still done now that the project is finished. All records are published on this website through quarterly reports.