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The Department of State Growth has no authority to issue a permit to sell goods and produce on the State road network.

All questions about operating roadside stalls should be referred to the General Manager of the local council.

We do not support roadside stalls on high speed, high volume State roads, on traffic safety grounds.

State roads managed by the Department are designed to move a lot of traffic as safely and efficiently as possible. Roadside vendors can compromise this important transport task.

We may support roadside vendors in the State road reservation if the roadside stall meets the following criteria:

  • In urban areas with wide footpaths
  • where the speed limit is less than 70 km/h and the carriageway has wide shoulders
  • outside the clear zone of the highway (at least 5m from the edge of seal)
  • will not impact on sight lines for vehicles.

We do not support roadside stalls on Limited Access roads.

Local Government Authorities have the power to remove roadside stalls that are not in compliance with planning schemes. Tasmania Police also has the power to remove stallholders operating without a permit.