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For a new and/or improved device to be considered for use on State roads, applicants must follow the following process:

  • Submit requests for assessment of a new or improved device via email to the State Roads Work Health and Safety (WHS) mailbox:
  • Provide as much information as possible to support the application, such as:
    • evidence of approval from other jurisdictions
    • photos/videos of the device
    • results from previous tests or trials
    • Any other evidence to demonstrate the use and safety of the device.

Devices covered under AS 1742.3 and the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) do not have to be assessed through this process.

Approval of a device does not negate the need for relevant permits or approvals to be obtained for activities on the road network. For works on State Roads, refer to the Transport website for links to permit and approval types. Local Councils and other road authorities will have separate permit and approval processes.