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Crown land in Tasmania is managed by various Government agencies under the Crown Lands Act 1976. The information on this page relates to Crown land managed by the State Roads Division of the Department of State Growth (the Department).

If you wish to enter into a lease or licence agreement for State Roads managed Crown land, you will need to make an application to the Department.

1Private infrastructure

If your application involves installation of privately owned infrastructure or works in the State road reserve, you will need additional approval from the Department in accordance with the provisions of the Roads and Jetties Act 1935. This approval will be provided in the form of a works permit.

Your application for a licence and works permit will be assessed concurrently and if approved, will be issued together, subject to any specified conditions. The licence and Works Permit will be issued in the name of the asset owner/s i.e. the proposed licensee/s.

No works can be undertaken until both a licence and works permit have been issued.

2Assessment process

Each application will be assessed on a range of factors  including potential impacts on State Roads’ assets and networks. Environmental, cultural or Aboriginal heritage and local council requirements may also apply and the applicant be expected to obtain these approvals separately as relevant.  
Applications will be referred to the Office of the Valuer-General for a rental valuation. The Department will seek acceptance from the applicant to proceed with lease or licence preparation following the valuation.

All leases and licences will be prepared by the Office of the Crown Solicitor.

Receipt of a completed application does not necessarily mean that permission will be granted to occupy or use Crown land, or to undertake works in the road reserve. All lease or licence agreements must be countersigned by the Minister or an authorised delegate prior to the occupation or use of Crown land.

3Cancellation or non-renewal

To cancel an existing lease or licence agreement, email

In some circumstances, existing agreements may not be renewed upon expiry for a new term. This may include where the Crown land is required for another purpose, where terms and conditions of an agreement have been breached, or where the permitted use is no longer considered appropriate.


The application form can be used to apply for a new agreement, to renew an existing agreement, to vary an existing agreement, or to transfer an existing agreement between parties.

Before starting the online application all necessary documents must be available for uploading.

Mandatory documents:

  • Lease or licence area plan (e.g. Annotated Title Plan, Google image, LIST extract)

Additional mandatory documents for private infrastructure or works in the road reserve only:

  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Site plan, drawing showing details of proposed work or pipeline design plans

Other supporting documents (if available):

  • Other plans or supporting documentation e.g. photographs of improvements, etc.
  • Property title documentation (e.g. folio text, plan, schedule of easements, etc.)
  • Crown landowner consent for Development Application to Council
  • Local Council Planning Permit
  • Traffic Impact Assessment (private infrastructure or works in the road reserve only)

Please note the application can only be submitted when all mandatory documents have been uploaded. If adequate information or supporting documentation is not provided, your application may be delayed or declined. For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.



Costs associated with establishing a lease or licence, as well as any ongoing costs, are the responsibility of the proposed agreement holder/s. These costs may include legal, valuation, survey costs or other applicable rates and charges. If approved, agreements may be subject to an annual fee payable to the Department.

The Department will contact applicants following submission of an application to discuss applicable costs and confirm acceptance to proceed.


For more information, please contact our Land Assets team by emailing or by calling (03) 6166 3441.