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Self-serve online property enquiry service

Use our property enquiries map to check if a property may be affected by proposed developments or projects, or is subject to access limitations pursuant to the Roads and Jetties Act 1935.

What information does this service provide?

The property enquiries map will outline if a property is near a State highway or subsidiary road, limited access road, intended line or future road corridor.

You can generate and print a consolidated report containing your search results, free of charge.

1State highways

A State highway or subsidiary road is a road created and governed by the provisions of the Roads and Jetties Act 1935 for which the Department of State Growth, State Roads Division is the relevant road authority.

These roads form a strategic purpose in moving people and goods around Tasmania.

The State road reserve is the area contained within the statutory width of the road, including constructed roadways, shoulders and verges, and adjacent land set aside for future road widening or related construction. The road reserve also has a defined boundary to enable the management and maintenance of the road asset.

These reserves are areas of land surrounding State Roads under the authority of the Department of State Growth. These areas are either described in Land Tasmania’s Cadastral Parcel Dataset by volume and folio reference, or mapped as a buffer to road centrelines. These State road reserve areas are routinely zoned under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – State Planning Provisions as Utilities Zone.

2Limited access

Under section 52A of the Roads and Jetties Act 1935, there is provision to declare a State managed road as a limited access road.

This provision is to manage vehicular access between a State managed road and adjacent land to ensure the safety of all road users and to maintain the operational efficiency of the road.

Once a road is declared to be limited access, the Minister defines the location and use of accesses onto it by proclaiming access for public roads and licensing private accesses (e.g. driveways, businesses, farm gates, etc.) to property owners for specific uses.

Access licences are issued in the property owner’s name and can be reissued under the same conditions to future owners. Following transfer and upon registration of a property in a new owner’s name, an application will need to be made to the Department of State Growth for the issue of the applicable licenses in the new owner’s name.

3Intended lines/future road corridors

Under section 9A of the Roads and Jetties Act 1935, there is provision to declare:

  • the intended new line of a State highway or subsidiary road; or
  • the intended line of a new State highway or subsidiary road.

This means that we may use a strip of land to align a new, or realign an existing, State highway or subsidiary road.

There is also land zoned as Particular Purpose Zone 2 – Future Road Corridor under the Sorell Interim Planning Scheme 2015 and Southern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2015 which we may be required to use for future road corridors.

4Road projects

To access the latest information on current State road projects that may be near a property, visit:


For more information, please contact our Property Assets team by emailing