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Tasmanian roads are unique.

Tasmania has coastal, winding roads, straight narrow highways, a lot of wildlife and four seasons in one day.

Windy Road 1

Roadworks in Tasmania

On your journey around our beautiful State, it is likely that you will encounter roadworks and traffic management.

You may need to allow extra travel time for your journey.

Traffic management is in place at roadworks for everyone’s safety, and by law you are required to follow roadworks speed limits at all times.

Roadworks Slow sign

When approaching roadworks, remember:  

- slow down through roadworks
- follow directions of traffic controllers and signs
- be patient and be attentive.

You may encounter a reduced speed limit at roadworks sites when no one is working.

There are many reasons for this, such as no line marking or barriers, the road surface may not be safe to return to the regular speed limit, there might be an unfenced drop-off or changes to traffic conditions.  

The need to slow down may not be obvious at times, but reduced speed limits are there for your safety and the safety of road workers.

Here are some signs that are commonly used at roadworks sites in Tasmania:

What it means
You are approaching a roadworks site
You must obey the posted speed limits
There are roadworkers ahead
A traffic controller is controlling the flow of traffic ahead
You must drive slowly
You must stop your vehicle
The roadworks site has ended

Journey planning

Find out where roadworks are happening on your journey with the Roadworks Roundup.

The Roadworks Roundup is published every Monday morning and lists all our planned works for the next two weeks.

You can find this by clicking on the Current roadworks heading on the Road closures and delays webpage.

East Coast Road - Traffic in Tasmania

Notice something?

Report an issue or safety hazard regarding a state road, bridge, or traffic signal to 1300 139 933

Slow down for road workers

Speeding drivers put road workers’ lives at risk.

It is dangerous to ignore road works speed limits and to drive inattentively though road works sites. You are required by law to obey roadworks speed limits.

Road workers are building better and safer roads for the benefit of all Tasmanians and visitors to the state.