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Improving Graduated Licensing

How we got here

It has been a decade (2009) since improvements were last made to Tasmania’s Graduated Licensing System.  There has been a reduction in the number of young people involved in serious casualties, but more can and needs to be done to make young people safer on our roads.

A national best practice model was developed in 2014. All states and territories support the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 and agreed to make changes to their Graduated Licensing Systems to align with the best practice model, and to improve access to licensing.

These changes mean Tasmania will meet the “enhanced” model and closely align with Victoria and New South Wales who are at the forefront of safe practices for young drivers.

Most importantly, these changes will help reduce crashes involving young drivers and save lives.

Creating a better licensing system

We are also looking at ways to improve the process for getting a provisional licence.

More services will be available online and you won’t have to make as may visits to Service Tasmania to pay fees or fill in forms.

A digital platform with supporting resources for learning the road rules and getting a licence will also be developed.

All the resources learners and supervisors need will be in one place and accessible online using any device.

When will it start?

It is likely to take 12-18 months to make these changes.

We will provide updates so that everyone affected by the changes has plenty of notice.

How you can be involved

We are planning the best way to introduce these changes to make sure they work.

We want to make sure that the resources we create help you to learn how to drive safely.

If you’d like to be involved in helping us make these changes, contact us at