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Safer People

As part of the safe systems approach to road safety we seek to facilitate the learning and development of safer drivers on our roads. Safer people have the capacity to engage safely and responsibly in our road network and environment.

Child Restraints - A Guide to Car Seats

The most important reason for using a car seat is to protect your child. An approved and properly fitted car seat may reduce the risk of death or serious injury in road crashes by up to 70%.

Learner Driver Mentor Program

Funding grants are available for community organisations to establish, consolidate or expand a Learner Driver Mentor Program (LDMP).

National Road Safety Forum 2013

Following on from the successful inaugural National Road Safety Forum held in Canberra last year, Tasmania is pleased to host the second National Road Safety Forum in Hobart.

Road Risk Reduction v2

A second edition of Road Risk Reduction (RRR) has been released to support Tasmanian schools and teachers implementing Road Safety Education in upper secondary schools and colleges.

Skating and Cycling Rules

The rules recognise the importance of skating and cycling as a recreational activity and a form of transport. Skaters and cyclists are able to share footpaths and some roads with other users, unless an area is clearly signed as a place where skating is not allowed.

Useful Links

Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program

Tasmania's Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP) applies to people who are convicted of drink driving offences after serving their disqualification. An alcohol ignition interlock stops a vehicle from being started if the driver has been drinking alcohol - a "Lockout". To legally drive, program participants must fit an alcohol interlock from an approved supplier to any vehicles they drive.

Tasmanian Alcohol Action Framework Annual Implementation Plan 2011 (Health and Human Services Website)

The first combined Annual Implementation Plan (the Plan) under the Tasmanian Alcohol Action Framework 2010-2015 has been developed by the IAWGD to highlight activities for 2011.

Tasmanian Road Rules

The Tasmanian Road Rules booklet has information for all Tasmanians wanting to know about road rules and driving in Tasmania.