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Learner Driver Mentor Program Funding

Learner Driver Mentor Program (LDMP) Funding 2018 – 2019

Applications for funding from eligible programs close 4 May 2018.

The Government has made funding available from the Road Safety Levy, to continue to support LDMPs.

Applications are invited for funding of LDMPs from community based not-for-profit organisations.

LDMPs assist disadvantaged learner drivers to gain the minimum supervised driving hours to progress to the provisional stage of the Graduated Licensing System (GLS).  

For the purposes of participating in an LDMP, a learner driver is considered disadvantaged if they:

  1. Do not have access to a suitable supervisory driver and/or vehicle; and
  2. Are on a low income and are not able to afford professional driving lessons to gain the minimum hours required to obtain a provisional driver licence.

From a community wellbeing perspective, it is important that disadvantaged learner drivers are supported to enter the GLS as this decreases the risk of unlicensed driving, and has many other positive social benefits including:

  • employment opportunities;
  • access to social, community, and sporting activities;
  • access to education and employment programs;
  • access to medical/health facilities and other services particularly in rural or regional areas; and
  • independent living skills.

A tool kit is available to help guide prospective and existing organisations with good practise operation.  The tool kit is available for download:

Driver Mentoring Tasmania (DMT)

DMT is the peak body representing LDMPs in Tasmania.  The role of DMT is to:

  • provide high level support and advice to individual LDMPs, including providing tools and advice for managing and administering programs and recruiting and retaining mentors and learners;
  • collect data from LDMPs and report on performance to DSG on a monthly basis;
  • work with DSG to identify, prioritise and implement business improvements to support LDMPs’; and
  • represent and advocate on behalf of member LDMPs (i.e. for funding).

For more about DMT visit:


LDMP funding program information (Word)

LDMP funding program information (PDF)

LDMP funding application template (Word)

LDMP funding application template (PDF)

LDMP evaluation form template (Word)

LDMP evaluation form template (PDF)

Please read the LDMP funding program information carefully before submitting your application.

Further Information

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