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Safer Speeds

As part of the safe systems approach to road safety we seek to set speed limits on our roads that are appropriate for the conditions and road environment.

50 kmh general urban speed limits

50 km/h general urban speed limits were introduced to reduce both the number and severity of crashes in suburban areas.

Kingborough Safer Speeds (KiSS) Demonstration

The Kingborough Safer Speeds (KiSS) Demonstration is about safer travel speeds on rural roads. During the KiSS Demonstration speed limits on rural roads will be lower than the 100 km/h rural default that applies elsewhere in the State.

Safer Speed Research Projects

Research into Community Attitudes towards speed limits and the impacts of safer speed limits in Tasmania.

Safer Travel Speeds In Shared Urban Spaces Funding Program

An initiative aimed at reducing vehicle speeds in busy, shared urban spaces. This Program is part of the Safer Travel Speed strategic direction of the Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2007-2016.

Variable Speed Limit System

The Tasmanian Government has introduced a new way to improve traffic flow and safety on the Tasman Highway between Liverpool Street, Hobart and the Cambridge Road Interchange, including the Tasman Bridge.

Useful Links

Safer Rural Roads Strategy (External Site)

The Safer Rural Roads Strategy (the Strategy) has been developed to address a serious crash problem on the 100km/h rural road network in Tasmania.