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Safety and escort vehicles

Transport vehicles

Big moves are all carefully planned to ensure the safety of the big loads, all of the crew working on the big move, road users and anyone watching the move.

Big moves are escorted by our safety vehicles and Transport Safety Officers.

You can recognise our escort 4WDs by their distinctive yellow and green markings, red and blue flashing lights and warning signs.

Our Transport Safety Officers were distinctive hi-viz gear and hand-held signalling torches.

Escort vehicles will be clearing the way of traffic ahead of, and behind the convoy. Transport Safety officers will sometimes need to leave their vehicles. This may be to help with the convoy or to give instruction to other drivers. This could include passing the convoy where it is safe to so do. Please be patient and respectful when following their instructions. It is an offence to disobey a direction of a Transport Safety Officer.

Big things can’t be rushed.