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Watching big moves

Transport vehicles

It is great when people come out to watch our big moves. It is an amazing sight, but you should plan ahead and stay safe.

But, making these massive moves can be dangerous so you have to take care to stay safe and keep your friends and family safe too.

Tips for watching a big move:

  • Check the schedule and route for the move you want to see.
  • Plan ahead and pick a good location to see the big move go by.
  • Arrive early as the big move won’t stop to wait for you to arrive.
  • Park in a designated parking space, not on the side of a highway or on a road that the big move will be going along.
  • Stay off the road when watching the move at all times.
  • Don’t interfere with the move, truck or loads.
  • Take lots of pictures but be careful if taking selfies with your back turned on the big load.
  • Obey all directions and instructions of Transport Safety Officers – it is an offence not to.

Big things can’t be rushed.