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Vehicle Call-ins

If the Registrar of Motor Vehicles receives a complaint regarding the unroadworthiness of a vehicle, the Registrar has the power to write to the registered operator of the vehicle.  The registrar can request that the vehicle be inspected at an Authorised Inspection Station to ensure the vehicle is compliant.

  • If you become aware of a vehicle you believe is not safe to be driven on the road, you should notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles by completing the Notification of Defective Vehicle form or in writing (include your name, contact details, registration of number of vehicle, type of defect, date and location the vehicle was seen) to:
  • Registrar of Motor Vehicles, GPO Box 1002, Hobart Tas 7001.

All notifications received will be treated confidentially.  Your details will not be disclosed to the registered operator unless you consent or it is required by law.  You will also not receive any details concerning the outcome of the investigation.