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Fact sheet number one Trailer Identification

My trailer does not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number?

It is a requirement for all vehicles (which include trailers) to have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)/Chassis number stamped or welded into a prominent non removable part of the vehicle as a means of identification.

If a second hand trailer is presented to an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) for a pre-registration inspection and does not have a VIN/Chassis number a statutory declaration may be required from the new owner, old owner and/or last registered operator to help establish the identity of the trailer. This may well alleviate the need for the trailer to be presented to Transport Safety and Investigation Officers for an Identification/Compliance Inspection.

Note: You must have a completed AA Pre Registration Inspection Report from an Approved Inspection Station. If a VIN/Chassis number cannot be verified you will be required to present your trailer to Transport Safety and Inspection Officer for an Identification/Compliance Inspection.

To help us establish the identity of this trailer, please answer the questions below when completing a statutory declaration.

Information to be included in the statutory declaration

Ownership details

  • Are you the last registered owner of the trailer?
  • If you are not the last registered owner of the trailer, please provide a name and suburb of the last registered owner.
  • What are the circumstances to which you come to have the trailer in your possession?
  • Were you given a receipt or any other paperwork corresponding to the trailer?

Description of trailer

  • Please provide a physical description of the trailer – as it is now and what it was like when you purchased it (e.g. make, body type, colour, and axles).
  • Did you perform any works to the trailer, if so what did you do?
  • Have you replaced the draw bar? If so do you still have the previous one in your possession?
  • Year of manufacture (if unknown please provide an estimate and reason for estimate).

Statutory declarations can be obtained from any Service Tasmania outlet, post office or at:

FINAL STEP: Once you have answered the above questions on a Statutory Declaration signed by a Commissioner of Declarations, submit these documents along with any other evidence you wish to provide to assist with the identification of this trailer to: