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Approved Motor Body Repair Inspection Station (AMBRIS)

Information for the public and service providers, who are AMBRIS Proprietors and Motor Body Examiners (MBEs) regarding structurally based vehicle inspections.

MBEs are persons approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to conduct structural inspections on light vehicles (vehicles with a GVM/GTM of up to 4.5 tonnes).

Structural inspections are required as part of a three tier inspection process for any vehicle which has been classified as a Repairable Write Off (RWO) or wrecked vehicle.

Information and links useful for the public

Structural Inspection information sheets

What documentation am I required to take to structural inspection?

Repair Diaries

As of 1 July 2012, it is strongly recommended that a repair diary is presented for ALL Repairable Write Off (RWO) vehicles which have been classified as a RWO after 1 July 2012 when presenting the vehicle for its Tier 1 and 3 inspections in Tasmania. Failure to present a repair diary after this date could result in the vehicle being failed for inspection.

If you would like to know whether your vehicle has been classified as a RWO, please feel free to contact AIS compliance on 6166 3271.

The below documentation has been prepared to assist you in understanding what repair diaries are for and how to prepare one.

Dispute Resolution Policy, (PDF) (Word)

Becoming an AMBRIS

Information about how to become an AMBRIS

Information and links useful for AMBRIS Proprietors and MBEs


AIS Compliance (03) 6166 3271