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Departure times:

The convoys depart the holding yard in Burnie between the hours of 2:30am and 4:00am each morning, Monday to Saturday.

The loads are estimated to arrive at Zeehan between approximately 6:00am and 8:30am each morning. The timings have been carefully planned to minimise disruption to school bus services and regular shift workers on the West Coast.

Departure and arrival times are regularly reviewed and may be subject to change.

Each load will take between nine and eleven hours to reach the wind farm site at Granville Harbour, and may be broken across two days in some instances for safety and fatigue management.

There may be other over-size over-mass components/machinery being transported under “Pilot vehicles” at different times to those listed in this information.

The loads will depart Burnie to the south through Ridgley, Highclere, Tullah and Zeehan and on to the Granville Harbour wind farm site via:

  • Bass Highway
  • Massy-Greene Drive
  • Old Surrey Road
  • Ridgley Highway
  • Murchison Highway
  • Anthony Road
  • Zeehan Highway
  • Heemskirk Road.

Roads will not be closed for the movements but some minor traffic delays can be expected as each load passes along the route.

Patience is requested from the traveling motorists.

Restricted passing opportunities:

There are restricted passing opportunities to overtake the convoys along the route and should not be undertaken until directed by the Pilot/Escort operator.

The convoys will monitor traffic build-up, when and where safe to do so, pull over and direct traffic past.  Communication between the convoy vehicles, pilots and escort vehicles is usually carried out on UHF radio channel 40.

If you think you may be impacted by any of these moves, please refer to the ‘Big things on the move’ page to learn more about safely following a big things convoy.

Click the map below to view a larger version.

Burnie to Granville Harbour map