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For general enquiries about transport in Tasmania please call 1300 135 513.

1Registration contacts

Phone 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017

For enquiries relating to vehicle registration contact

2Licencing contacts

Phone 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017

For enquiries relating to driver licensing contact

3Vehicle Management contacts

Phone 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017

For enquiries relating  to Vehicle Management contact

4Public transport contacts

For enquiries or feedback relating to public bus and ferry services email or phone 6166 3343 (Monday - Friday, between 9am-5pm).

5State Roads

State Roads contacts

Check here first to make sure the road you are reporting an incident on is a State owned road. If your enquiry is on a Council road you will need to contact the local Council office.

New Bridgewater Bridge Project

For information on the New Bridgewater Bridge visit the New Bridgewater Bridge website. To contact the New Bridgewater Bridge Project team, please email

Emergencies and Hazards

To report an issue that presents a real or potential risk to road users phone 1300 139 933 (select menu item 2)

Road and Bridge Maintenance

To report an issue on the State Road Network including mowing, litter, potholes, trees and vegetation, drainage, abandoned vehicles, roadkill, damaged signs and damage to bridges phone 1300 139 933 (select menu item 2)

Road Closures

For road closures due to frost, ice and snow visit the Tasmania Police website.

Live Animals

If you are reporting a live animal on the road you will need to contact your local Council office.

Speed Limits

For enquiries relating to speed limits on State Roads phone 1300 139 933 (select menu item 3)

Line marking

For enquiries relating to line marking, including direction signage, speed zones and bike lanes where paint is used on State Roads call 1300 139 933 (select menu item 3)

Traffic Signals

To report a fault with a traffic signal, electronic school speed sign or electronic speed limit sign contact 1300 139 933 (select menu item 1) or email

Street Lighting

For enquiries relating to street lighting please contact Tas Networks.

Mowing next to railway lines

For enquiries relating to mowing next to railway lines please contact Tasrail.

Road Projects

To enquire about a specific road project see the contacts listed under each project on the Road Projects page, or email

Heavy Vehicles

For contacts relating to Heavy Vehicles click here.

Claims for Damage

For information about submitting a claim for compensation for damage and loss click here.

State Roads - Approvals

It is important for the Department of State Growth to maintain the safety and efficiency of the State road network. This means that if you want to undertake an activity that may impact on the State road reservation, a permit from the Department of State Growth is required. Contact us for information about approvals on the State Road network.

State Roads - Customer Service Feedback

State Roads is committed to providing excellent customer service. View our Customer service standards.

Bridge Bookings

Bridgewater Bridge Lift Span: 6263 7235

Denison Canal Bridge: 6253 5113

Barge operating times for the Fatman Barge, Corinna, contact Corinna Wilderness 6446 1170.


Department of State Growth
GPO BOX 536, Hobart Tasmania Australia 7001