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Registered operator

1What is a registered operator?

  • A registered operator is a person or body corporate we have recorded as being responsible for a motor vehicle or trailer (including caravans).
  • A maximum of two individuals may be listed as joint operators of a light vehicle (please see below for more information). A heavy vehicle (over 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass) can only be registered in one name
  • To be a registered operator, individuals must be:
    • 16 years of age for light vehicles
    • 18 years of age for heavy vehicles
  • To be a registered operator, body corporates must be  recognised by ASIC as:

Note: being a registered operator does not prove ownership of the vehicle.

2What is needed to become a registered operator?

To become a registered operator you must provide full evidence of identity.

3Responsibilities of a registered operator

Once you become a registered operator you are responsible for:

  • Payment of any vehicle fees and charges
  • Payment of fines and sanctions
    • in certain circumstances the registered operator may not be charged if not driving the vehicle
  • Ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy
  • Notifying us of any changes any details of the vehicle

Garage address

4What is a garage address?

  • For light vehicles a garage address is the place a vehicle is normally kept
  • For heavy vehicles a garage address is the principal depot or base of operations for a vehicle
  • Every Tasmanian registered vehicle must have a Tasmanian garage address
  • Garage addresses are applied individually to vehicles, but
    • There is no limit to the number of vehicles listed at a single garage address
  • Garage addresses can be different from a residential address
    • But they cannot be a postal address

5When do I need to provide proof of my garage address?

  • You will need to show proof of your garage address for most registration transactions including
    • Establishing registration
    • Renewing registration
    • Transferring registration

6How can I change my garage address?

You can change a garage address by submitting a Nomination of Garage Address (MR169) form at Service Tasmania.

7Joint operators -Nominated operator

  • Joint registered operators can be listed for all light vehicles
  • One of the joint operators must be listed as the nominated operator
  • The nominated operator:
    • Needs to have an individual customer record
      • You will have one if you have a licence or a previous Tasmanian vehicle registration

Will be responsible for the vehicle registration (see responsibilities of registered operator above)

8How do I register a vehicle in joint names and choose a nominated operator

A vehicle can be registered in joint names when:

A nominated operator can be selected from either registered operator on these forms.

9Can I change the nominated operator?

You can change the nominated operator of a vehicle at any time free of charge by:

10How do concessions work with joint registration?

If any of the joint registered operators is eligible for a concession they can receive concessional registration fees.

They do not have to be the nominated operator.

Light vehicle

11Light vehicle

A vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 4.5t or less.

Heavy vehicle

12Heavy vehicle

A vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass greater than 4.5t.

Vehicle weight categories

13Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)

Is the maximum mass a vehicle can be when fully loaded

It may be specified by:

  • A vehicle’s manufacturer (e.g. compliance plate), or
  • The Registrar of Motor Vehicles if:
    • the initial GVM cannot be found
    • the vehicle has been heavily modified and the original GVM is no longer suitable

Proof of entitlement

14What is proof of entitlement?

Proof of entitlement is evidence to show that you are entitled to become a registered operator of a vehicle.

What can be used to show proof of entitlement?

The document you use must identify the last registered operator of the vehicle.

These may be:

  • a signed bill of sale from a dealer
    • that shows that full responsibility for the vehicle has changed to the new operator
  • a signed receipt from a dealer
    • that shows that full responsibility for the vehicle has changed to the new operator
  • a signed receipt from the previous registered operator
  • copy of a will, or a letter from a solicitor, Public Trustee or executor of the estate showing that the vehicle has been left to the client
  • order from the Family Law Court that specifies the vehicle and the new operator
  • authority from the registered operator to the finance company
    • if the vehicle has been repossessed (A letter from State Revenue for an exemption of Stamp Duty may also be required)

For interstate registered vehicles establishing registration in Tasmania.

  • for a vehicle that was registered in another jurisdiction in the operators names, registration papers from another registration authority is required and an item listed above is not required
  • for a vehicle that was registered in another jurisdiction not in the operators names, an item listed above is required.

15Do motor vehicle dealers need to provide proof of entitlement?

Motor vehicle dealers registering a vehicle under the type approval system do not need to provide proof of entitlement.

Motor vehicle

16Motor vehicle

The definition of a motor vehicle is found in the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999.

Public street

17Public street

The definition of a public street can be found in the Traffic Act 1925.

Agricultural Implement

18Agricultural Implement

A vehicle without its own power built to perform agricultural tasks.

Agricultural machine

19Agricultural machine

A vehicle with its own power built to perform agricultural tasks.

Includes tractors used only, or mostly, to perform agricultural tasks.