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What is common expiry?

Common expiry allows companies and incorporated associations to select a date on which all of their vehicles’ registration will expire.

Are there any restrictions on the number vehicles with common expiry?

The minimum number of vehicles that can have common expiry is three.

There is no maximum limit.

How does it works?

If a client is registered for common expiry all vehicles registered to the client is automatically on the common expiry (this includes disposal and transfer of vehicles)

If registered for common expiry, you will continue to receive individual renewal notices until the registrations are paid up to the common expiry date. When the registrations are all paid up to the common expiry you will then receive a common expiry Invoice.

Common expiry invoices renew vehicle registration for 12 months only.

If you receive your common expiry invoice but do not wish to renew some registrations listed, please strike out the registrations you do not wish to renew, amend the payment amount and issue a cheque for the amount payable. (If paying by EFT, please send revised common expiry invoice to after payment has been made. EFT details can be provided upon request)

Once the invoice is paid, individual registration certificates for each vehicles are sent noting the fees paid, inc GST.

If a common expiry invoice is issued, but the registrations are paid by other means, certificates noting the fees paid including GST will not be sent.

How do I request common expiry?

If you wish to request common expiry for your vehicle registrations, please email the below information to

  • Company name:
  • Physical address:
  • Postal address:
  • Common expiry date: (can be any date, excl 29 February)
  • Provide one registration number to ensure correct client file:

If you wish to have common expiry registered for more than one client, please repeat the details above for that client.

What happens next?

You will receive registration renewals for each vehicle from their existing registration expiry date to the date you have chosen for common expiry.

After all vehicle registration have been renewed to the common expiry date, all vehicles will have the same registration period and a common expiry invoice will be sent to renew all vehicles at once.

Any vehicle disposed of, transferred to or established to the client will automatically be included in the common expiry.

How is common expiry calculated?

Common Expiry is calculated using the following equation:

_________(fees) x no. days to expiry_________365
(divide by 366 if 29th February falls in period)

=  Subtotal

Subtotal + plate fee + premium duty ($20.00) +
(if required) + market value duty* (if required)

= Total Amount Payable