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View the Height Clearance Under Overhead Structures Map

This map shows signposted clearance signs on Tasmania’s road network, and is intended to be a planning tool to assist heavy vehicle operators and drivers.

It is important to note that:

  • Other low clearance items, that may be present on the network, such as transmission lines and trees, are not displayed on this map.
  • In the event of a discrepancy between a signposted clearance shown on the structure and this map, the signposted clearance on the structure is the correct legal clearance and takes precedence.

Height clearances expressed in 0.1m increments are shown by location symbols on the map. The different colours of the symbols are height groupings as shown in the key.

Zoom in to street level to view the individual symbol and click on its centre to view clearance height and any additional information.

What roads are included?

The map shows the locations and height clearance of structures with signposted clearances.

How is it measured?

Vertical clearances for structures are measured in the field. The height clearance figures are a result of application of a safety margin to allow for tolerances in vehicle height measurements, road surface variations due to minor road works such as patching, tolerances to measured values due to road and bridge geometry at the site and any possible serviceability deflections of the over-structure.

What is my responsibility?

It is the responsibility of the operator and driver of a vehicle to know the height of their vehicle and load and to ensure that the clearance under overhead structures is sufficient to enable safe passage. A driver must not travel or attempt to travel beneath a bridge or overhead structure if the height of the vehicle and load is higher than the height shown on the map, or indicated by a clearance sign shown on the structure.

How often the map is updated?

We update this information continually. The figures may be reviewed on request if necessary.