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View the Tasmanian 14.5m Long Controlled Access Buses Network

This network shows gazetted Tasmanian roads for Class 2 and Class 3 Controlled Access Buses mapped in three categories: Approved (green), Conditionally Approved (orange) and Restricted (red). Click on a route or bridge to show any conditions that apply.

The National Class 3 Controlled Access Bus Exemption Notice 2019 provides access to buses, other than articulated buses, that are more than 12.5m long, but not more than 14.5m long, which either comply with rear overhang dimensions or exceed regulation limits.

Roads not shown as approved (green) or conditionally approved (orange) require road manager approval for access by permit. Application for access by permit is to be made through the NHVR. It is permitted to travel off route if the road is marked with detour signage.

Note: Operators must comply with mass and height clearance restrictions as indicated by symbols (purple load limited assets, red restricted assets and yellow diamonds indicating height restrictions)