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View the Tasmanian 23m B-double Network

This Class 2 network shows roads mapped in three categories: Approved (green), Conditionally Approved (orange) and Restricted (red). Click on a route or bridge to show any conditions that apply.

This network shows Tasmania’s gazetted arterial and municipal roads for Class 2 B-Doubles operating at up to 23m overall length and in compliance with the National Class 2 B-double Authorisation Notice 2020 and operator guide.

Maximum vehicle dimension for this network are up to 23m overall length and 4.3m overall height.

Restricted structures (red dots) must not be crossed.

Roads not shown as approved (green) or conditionally approved (orange) require road manager approval for access by permit. Application for access by permit is to be made through the NHVR. It is permitted to travel off route if the road is marked with detour signage.

Operators must check for road closures and road conditions prior to travel to ensure clear passage. For roads managed by Department of State Growth this information is available on the Road Closures and Delays page.

Higher Mass Limits (HML) Roads

Roads which are part of the Tasmanian Declared HML Route Network can be superimposed using the "Show HML Network" Button.

Over the HML network, Class 2 B-double heavy vehicle combinations which comply with the Tasmania Higher Mass Limits Declaration 2016 can operate with axle group masses up to 17.0t for a tandem axle group, and up to 22.5t for a tri-axle group.

A class 2 B-double at HML which exceeds 21.0m in length1 cannot operate over the Tasmanian Declared HML Route Network unless the road is also part of the Tasmanian 26 metre B-double Network or the Tasmanian 23 metre B-double Network (if not exceeding 23m length), or access has been granted by permit.

Relevant Notices and Schemes:

121.3m, if the trailer is fitted with a rear load-restraining guard that complies with the Forestry Safety Code.