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New to Tasmania

If you are a new permanent resident of Tasmania (fixed address) from another Australian State or Territory, or from another country you will need to make arrangements with us to get a Tasmanian licence.

Interstate Licence and New Zealand Drivers

You can drive in Tasmania on your interstate licence provided it is current, which means it isn't expired, cancelled, suspended or disqualified. You can drive up to 3 months from the date you arrive in this State, after 3 months you will need to transfer your licence to a Tasmanian licence.

Overseas Drivers

You can drive in Tasmania on your overseas licence if you are a visitor OR have a temporary visa (e.g. international students, refugees, working, holiday) OR have a permanent visa that has not been issued more than 3 months, as long as:

  • Your overseas licence remains current;
  • You have not been disqualified from driving in Tasmania or anywhere else;
  • Your licence has not been suspended or cancelled;
  • Your visitor’s exemption (right to drive in Tasmania using your overseas licence) has not been terminated;
  • You have not been issued a Tasmanian driver licence (learner, provisional or full);
  • You carry your licence with you, and if it is not in English you also carry an International Drivers Permit or accredited translation.

How do I apply to replace or renew my Tasmanian Licence when out of the state?

Vehicle Registration

To change to a Tasmanian vehicle registration, there are specific processes.

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