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  • We will provide a range of contact options including website, phone and email
  • We will endeavour to connect you with the right person within one transfer
  • Our maintenance enquiry and emergency line is available 24/ 7, 365 days a year


  • We will aim to have the right State Roads person respond to customer  enquiries within two working days
  • We will aim to respond to written correspondence enquiries within 15 working days
  • We will aim to process permits for works on the state road network within 20 working days


  • At the time of making contact, customers will be advised how the enquiry will be handled
  • Should the matter take longer to resolve than expected, the customer will be notified with an explanation for the delay and the revised timeframe
  • We will report on our service commitments and customer satisfaction


  • Customer enquiries will be handled with respect and courtesy
  • We will aim to provide a fair and reasonable outcome for all involved
  • Customer enquiries will be handled with confidentiality when required

1Customer Service Feedback

The State Roads Division welcomes your feedback about your experiences when dealing with our staff. We value your input and appreciate the time you take to tell us that we have done something well. While we always aim to provide excellent customer service, we acknowledge that things can go wrong and you may wish to complain about the service you received. We approach complaints as a way to improve our services.

A customer service complaint is defined as "An expression of dissatisfaction with the customer service received that requires action or resolution." A customer service complaint is not considered to be a grievance with the state road network. If you do have an issue with the state road network please contact the appropriate area from this list.  If you feel that we have not met our customer service commitments then we encourage you to make a customer service complaint. Reasons why you may want to make a customer service complaint include:

  • You contacted the Division by phone but nobody responded to you within two working days
  • You feel that you were treated unfairly
  • Your contact did not notify you of a revised timeframe when your enquiry was delayed

2Providing feedback

To provide us with details of your experiences with State Roads staff, please contact us by:


Telephone: (03) 6166 3162

Write to: Customer Service Feedback

State Roads

Department of State Growth

GPO Box 536


Once we receive your customer service feedback, in line with our Customer Service Standards, we will provide you with acknowledgement that we have received your written correspondence within two business days. We may contact you for more details or clarification if required.

If you are making a customer service complaint, we will first determine that your complaint is considered a customer service complaint and not an issue with the state road network that can be addressed by the relevant staff.  If we determine that your issue is a customer service complaint we will provide you with the expected timeframe that it will be handled in. If deemed necessary, further investigations will be undertaken into your complaint. We will inform you of the outcome by the means that you requested.

3Further options

If you still remain unsatisfied with the options to resolve your customer service complaint you may refer the matter to Tasmania's Ombudsman. We ask that you give us the opportunity to help you with your complaint before going to the Ombudsman, as in our experience complaints dealt with in the Division can be actioned quickly and in most cases the result will meet everyone's needs.