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You are eligible if you are the primary cardholder of a:

  • Pension card
  • Healthcare card
  • Veterans white or gold card

Or are:

  • A member of the Transport Access scheme (TAS)
    • Or the parent or guardian of a TAS member under who is under 16
  • An asylum seeker
    • On Bridging visa E (BVE), and
    • In community detention, and
    • Hold an Evidence of Immigration (EIS) ImmiCard, or
    • A Tasmanian Concession Card

Charitable organisations

Receive exemptions for paying:

  • Duty
  • Motor tax

You must be able to provide proof of your company’s charitable endorsement by the Australian Tax Office at Service Tasmania to receive these exemptions.

This will apply exemptions to all vehicles registered under the name of your company.

You will also need to take the necessary evidence of identity documents for a body corporate.