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1Where can I get my interlock device?

You’ll need to choose a Service Provider and get in contact with them when you need to get your interlock installed.

There are currently three service providers of interlock devices in Tasmania:

Draeger Australia Pty Ltd

1800 350 416

Guardian Interlock

1300 881 005

Smart Start Interlocks

1300 256 900

2How do I get my interlock device serviced?

You’ll also need to have your interlock serviced every 30 days by visiting your interlock Service Provider.

Your service provider will also give you a performance report, which will tell you how many lockouts (attempts to drive with alcohol in your system) you’ve had in the previous month.

3What happens if I don’t get my interlock serviced?

If you fail to get your interlock serviced, you will be permanently locked out from your vehicle (your vehicle won’t start).