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1How do I return or surrender my licence?

You can return your licence by visiting a Service Tasmania shop.

2When do I have to return my driver’s licence?

In most cases, you have 21 days from the date of suspension or conviction to return your licence. You will receive a notice with the date of disqualification/suspension/cancellation, with the notice being different depending on why you have to hand in your licence:

  • Demerit Point Suspension you will receive a Notice of Demerit Point Suspension and the dates of suspension will be specified in the notice. (Note: do not return your licence if you plan on applying for a period of good behaviour).
  • Breathalyser Infringement, Excessive Speeding or Unaccompanied Learner Infringement – Once you’re convicted, you’ll receive a Notice of Disqualification. The start date will be listed in this notice.
  • Disqualification due to Court Order – Your licence will usually be returned in Court but in some cases you will have 21 days from the date of the court order.
  • Medical Conditions – if you’ve got a condition that affects your safety on the roads, you may have to hand in your licence.

3Voluntarily surrendering your licence

You can also voluntarily surrender your licence for a number of reasons, including:

  • moving overseas
  • no longer wishing to drive
  • incapacity to drive.