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1What are the exceptional circumstances for a provisional licence exemption?

Exceptional circumstances are:

  • you will lose employment or potential employment and/or
  • you or your dependent will be unable to get regular medical attention needed as a result of a medical illness and/or
  • you have no means of getting to a Jobstart training course, college, TAFE, university or recognised training institution and/or
  • you have no means of getting your dependants to a school or a child care facility.

2Who is eligible for a Provisional licence exemption?

To be eligible to take an early P1 assessment, you must:

  • hold a current car learner licence
  • have held your car learner licence for at least 9 months (or 6 months if you held an L2 licence on 1 December 2020).
  • be 17 years or older
  • have logged your required number of hours in your logbook (80 hours including 15 at night, or 50 hours if you held an L2 licence as at 1 December 2020)
  • have no other means of transportation available to you, this also includes public transport
  • have no periods of licence disqualifications or suspensions
  • meet at least one of the exceptional circumstances criteria

3How do I apply for a Provisional licence exemption?

To apply for a learner licence exemption, fill in an application forms and:

  • submit the application via the online form, ensure that you attach all your supporting documentation or
  • take it to a Service Tasmania location