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1How do I prove my Body Corporate’s identity (company or incorporated association)?

The documents you can use are:

  • Certificate of Registration (with ACN)
  • Certificate of Registration of Change of Name (with ACN)
  • Extract of Company (with ACN)
  • Certificate of Registration of Foreign Company (with ARBN)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Written authorisation on letterhead by the issuing authority, stating the Act under which it was established

These documents can be photocopies but they must be current (less than six months old) and show the date of registration and/or the registered period of incorporation. They also must be in English or accompanied by an English translation (from an accredited translator).

The documents must show the relevant:

  • Issuing authority or the letterhead of the issuing authority
  • Registered/Incorporated name of the body corporate
  • Registration number (ACN, ARBN etc.)
  • Effective date of incorporation or incorporation registration period.

2What if my Body Corporate’s name has changed?

If your body corporate (company or incorporated association)’s name has changed, you will need to provide additional documentation from the issuing authority (such as ASIC or Business Affairs) showing the current registered name and ACN.