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Driving Instructors

An Ancillary Certificate in Driving Instruction allows you to be paid to teach a person to drive. If you do not hold a Certificate you cannot be paid for your services. The certificate will appear as a condition on the back of your licence.

To be eligible to hold an Ancillary Certificate in Driving Instruction you must:

  • be at least 21;
  • hold a current Australian driver licence for the class of vehicle in which you wish to instruct;
  • for car driving instructors, have successfully completed a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics – Road Transport (Car Driving Instruction).  For more information on the course ring Australian Driver Trainers Association Tas Inc on 0438 130 162;
  • have held an Australian driver licence (other than learner or provisional) for at least 3 years, and held it for at least one year immediately prior to the date of your application
  • meet the "suitable person criteria", this includes that -
    • you have not been convicted of a criminal or other relevant offence
    • you have not been disqualified from driving for a traffic or drug/alcohol related offence within the last 5 years
    • you have not previously had a certificate refused or cancelled
  • If you do not meet the criteria, you will need to give us a letter stating the reasons why you should be granted an Ancillary Certificate.
  • This letter should also be accompanied by supporting documentation, such as character references.
  • provide a commercial medical assessment

You will need to provide or undertake the following:

  • your drivers licence.
  • completed an application form for Ancillary Certificate in Driving Instruction.
  • National Criminal History Check from Tasmania Police, even if you have never had any convictions or offences;
  • Working with Children Registration (Employment Category);
  • a commercial medical assessment form completed by your usual medical practitioner
  • complete a knowledge test on the Tasmanian road rules (heavy vehicle classes only)
  • 1 passport size photograph
  • Signature specimen
  • for car driving instructors, successfully complete a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics – Road Transport (Car Driving Instruction);
  • For motorcycle Instructors, successfully complete the training course provided by an external service provider
  • For heavy vehicle instructors, pass a driving test conducted by an external service provider.

You will receive

  • a driving instructor condition on your driver licence.
  • a receipt for fees paid if applicable.
  • Identification card is forwarded by mail to the applicant within 2 weeks of the application being finalised.


You will be required to pay the fee.