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Physical Disabilities may be caused by an amputation, an injury or a congenital condition. Disabilities can also result from medical conditions (eg stroke, arthritis or multiple sclerosis etc.). A person with a disability refers to anyone with physical limitations, regardless of the cause.

If you have a medical condition that could impact your ability to drive safely, you need to notify the Department of State Growth by completing the Fitness to Drive Self Notification Form

Having a physical disability does not mean you can’t drive!

The majority of people with a physical disability can obtain or continue to hold a licence as long as they are assessed as being safe to drive and the fitting of any specialist equipment, modifications or restrictions to do this are recorded as a condition(s) of driving on their licence.

As disabilities vary between people, vehicle modifications must be appropriate to meet the needs of the individual driver.   You will only be able to legally drive a car or motorcycle with the modifications that are designed to accommodate your disability.

Vehicles modified with adaptive controls for drivers with a disability should have the controls removed or disabled when being driven by someone without a disability.

If you are driving a vehicle that has modifications you should contact the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to ensure you can legally drive the vehicle.