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It is possible for a person to be unfit to drive due to chronic long-term consumption of alcohol and drugs (both illicit and over the counter). Any driver who suffers from a dependence on alcohol and/or other substances is legally required to notify the Registrar or Motor Vehicles of their condition.

How does this affect my driving ability?

  • Slower reaction speed and impaired learning ability
  • Impaired visual and scanning functions
  • Impairments in executive functions including problem solving, attention span, ability to focus, impulsiveness and organisation.
  • Withdrawals may also induce seizures and hallucinations
  • Possibility of heightened risk taking behaviour

What precautions can I take?

  • Do not drive a vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pull over if you start to feel dizzy, emotional, tired or unable to focus
  • Ensure you are taking any prescription medication as required