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To convert your overseas licence you will need to:

  1. Go to Service Tasmania
  2. Provide full evidence of identity
  3. Provide your overseas licence (and international driving permit or English translation if necessary)
  4. Complete a licence application form

If your licence is not current, or your licence is not from a recognised country or experienced driver recognition country, you’ll also have to:

  1. Pass a knowledge test on the Tasmanian road rules. You can practice the driver knowledge test on our website.
  2. Obtain a learner licence if your licence is not current or you are advised by us that you require a learner licence
  3. Pass a practical driving assessment.

Once you are approved for the issue of a licence you will need to have your photo taken and provide a sample signature

If you do not have your overseas licence you will need to provide written evidence from the licensing authority in the country you had a licence in, or their consulate.

Even if you have your licence you may be asked to get more information from the licensing authority to assist us to transfer the licence over.