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1Full driver licence issue and renewal

Number of years

Standard fees

Pensioner fees
















For re-issue of a cancelled licence there is an additional processing fee of $40.50

2Learner driver licence (car and motorcycle) novice and non-novice) issue and renewal

Licence type

Standard fees

Pensioner fees



No concession for this licence type



No concession for this licence type

Non-Novice Learner


No concession for this licence type

3Provisional driver licence

Licence type

Standard fees

Pensioner fees







4Fees for licence class upgrades (extensions)

If upgrading licence

If upgrading and renewing licence


$19.44 - upgrade fee and fee per year of renewal

5Novice* driving assessment fees - for car

Assessment type**

Standard fee


*A novice driver is anyone who has never held a full car licence anywhere in the world.

**If P1 assessment is being undertaken with an authorised driving instructor additional fees may be charged for tuition, hire of vehicle etc.

Other assessment fees

Assessment type

Standard fee

Non-novice learner or overseas conversion (car)$42.12
Assessment for driving instructor$81.00
Assessment in any other case by a Government Driving Assessor


6Fees for duplicate licence and change of details

Duplicate fees

Duplicate fees


Standard fees$27.15
Pensioner fees$20.67
Replacement licence fee for change of name$10.95


  • where a licence is not returned for change of name- or if a new licence is produced for a change of address the duplicate licence fee is charged
  • there is no charge for a change of address label- these are attached to the current licence.

7Fees for out of state and overseas licence renewals and duplicates


Renewal or Duplicate

Standard fees

Pensioner fees


(one year maximum)

$33.63 $22.29
Duplicate $27.15 $20.67


Note: Postage and handling fees apply if the licence is posted overseas.

Number of years

Standard fees

Pensioner fees

Renewal 1 year$33.63$22.29

Renewal 2 years

(maximum 2 years renewal)


Duplicate licence


Overseas postage and handling fees


Postage fee

New Zealand








South America




8Fees for the Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP)

Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP)

Standard fee

Pensioner fee

Application $56.70 $37.26
Exemption application $56.70 $37.26
Application to identify and differentiate different users $56.70 $37.26
Application to revoke I condition $56.70 $37.26

9Ancillary certificate fees

Ancillary certificate


Ancillary certificate to drive public passenger vehicle $19.44
Ancillary certificate in driving instruction $48.60
Duplicate or replacement ancillary certificate$16.20

10Licensing publications fees

Licensing publications

Tasmanian Road Rules

No charge

Novice Drivers Training Kit (L1 and L2 logbook, A guide to your Driving Assessments and Supervisory Drivers Handbook)


Heavy Vehicle Handbook


Tasmanian Older Drivers' Handbook


National Driver Work Diary


11Other fees

Licence search (licence details letter)$16.20