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New to Tasmania

If you are a new permanent resident of Tasmania (fixed address) from another Australian State or Territory, or from another country you will need to make arrangements with us to get a Tasmanian licence.

Interstate and New Zealand Licence

You can drive/ride in Tasmania on your interstate licence provided it is current, which means it isn't expired, cancelled, suspended or disqualified. You can drive up to 3 months from the date you arrive in this State, after 3 months you will need to transfer your licence to a Tasmanian licence.

Overseas Licence

You can drive/ride in Tasmania on your overseas licence if you are a visitor OR have a temporary visa (e.g. international students, refugees, working, holiday) OR have a permanent visa that has not been issued more than 3 months, as long as:

  • Your overseas licence remains current;
  • You have not been disqualified from driving/riding in Tasmania or anywhere else;
  • Your licence has not been suspended or cancelled;
  • Your visitor’s exemption (right to drive/ride in Tasmania using your overseas licence) has not been terminated;
  • You have not been issued a Tasmanian licence (learner, provisional or full);
  • You carry your licence with you, and if it is not in English you also carry an International Drivers Permit or accredited translation.

How do I apply to replace or renew my Tasmanian Licence when out of the state?

Vehicle Registration

To change to a Tasmanian vehicle registration, there are specific processes.

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