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1Do I need to get a wheelchair licence?

If your wheelchair can go faster than 10km/h, then you’ll need a licence to use it.

If you already have a car or motorcycle licence, you don’t need to get a new licence.

2What sort of licence do I need for a wheelchair?

To get a wheelchair licence, you may need to get a car licence or R licence, depending on whether your wheelchair configuration and handling characteristics of the vehicle.

You can also get a licence that restricts you driving only to your wheelchair.

3How do I get a wheelchair specific licence?

To get a wheelchair licence, you need to go into Service Tasmania and provide:

  • A medical report from a doctor saying your fit to drive,
  • A letter from a parent, guardian, carer or occupational therapist stating that you can drive a wheelchair safely,
  • Complete an application form, and
  • Provide a Tasmanian licence and evidence of identity.

You’ll also have to pay a fee.