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Three ferries are currently used to deliver the ferry service. They are the MV Nairana, the MV Mirambeena and the backup vessel, the MV Bowen.

The MV Nairana is a new ferry, purpose-built for the Bruny Island ferry service. The vessel was built by Tasmanian boat builder Richardson Devine Marine Construction and commenced on the ferry service in February 2020. The Nairana regularly carries between 26 and 30 vehicles on a single crossing, depending on the type and size of vehicles carried. The vessel can carry up to 195 passengers and has a passenger lounge.

A second new ferry is due to be delivered in 2021. Together, these new, modern, single-deck ferries will have a faster loading and unloading times and will cross the D’Entrecasteaux Channel more quickly. The two new ferries will provide a high frequency timetable with the capability to depart each terminal every 20 minutes.

2Booking system

To help manage demand for travel to and from Bruny Island, a booking system will be introduced for the ferry service.

A booking system will enable passengers to pre-book planned travel and minimise the need to turn up very early at peak times to guarantee travel on a particular ferry. This is expected to help reduce the number of cars queueing on Ferry Road and Lennon Road during peak periods as there will be fewer passengers needing to arrive early.

A booking system will give passengers greater certainty in their ability to travel to and from work, meet appointments, make flights or meet other time-based commitments. A system to manage demand in a more orderly and safe manner will benefit locals, especially those who live near the terminal, as well as visitors and businesses.

Following consultation with the Bruny Island community via the Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group, introduction of the booking system will be phased. State Growth is currently looking at the landside infrastructure improvements required to support the new arrangements. This includes making sure that the landside infrastructure is capable of supporting both booked and unbooked passengers.


The Bruny Island Ferry service runs every day of the year. The peak season timetable runs from the beginning of October until the end of April. The off-peak season timetable runs from the start of May until the end of September.

You can view timetable and details on SeaLink’s website.

The ferry departs from:

  • Ferry Road, Kettering
  • Lennon Road, North Bruny, Bruny Island

While SeaLink operates the ferry service, the Transport Commission retains oversight of the ferry timetable. Any changes to the timetable must be approved by the Transport Commission before being implemented.

4Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group

SeaLink has been working closely with the Bruny Island community since becoming the service provider.

The Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group has been established to work through a variety of practical questions about the service. The Reference Group meets regularly and includes representation from the community, SeaLink, the Kingborough Council and the Department of State Growth. The Reference Group is one of the main ways that Bruny Island community members can raise any ferry-related concerns and seek suitable solutions.

All members of the community are invited to meet with the Reference Group before each meeting to ask any questions or raise concerns about the ferry service in person. Details for these community sessions are published in each communique.

The latest minutes and communiques can be found on the SeaLink website.

5Who operates the Bruny Island ferry service?

SeaLink Travel Group operates the Bruny Island ferry service under a contract with the Transport Commission. SeaLink began running the service in September 2018 and is working together with the community to deliver an improved ferry service that delivers greater capacity and certainty into the future.

For more information including fares and timetables visit SeaLink's  website.