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  • A faster, more direct service between Burnie, Penguin, Ulverstone and Devonport
  • Significant increase in frequency
    • Hourly services on weekdays
    • Hourly services on Saturdays
    • Two hourly services on Sundays
  • Increased hours of operation
    • Weekday services from Burnie starting at 6am and finishing at 8:30pm
    • Weekday services from Devonport starting at 7am and finishing at 7:30pm
  • Better connections to Burnie and Devonport services
    • Connections to the North West Regional Hospital (Route 194/195 service) and Mersey General Hospital (Route 178 service)
    • The North West Express service will replace the current Hospital Link service
  • Better connections to Launceston and Hobart (Route 705) for Burnie, Penguin and Ulverstone residents
  • Passengers will need to apply for a Transportme card to travel on the North West Express, as the service will be operated by Merseylink. For more information please visit Ticketing