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On Tuesday, 26 April the Redline route 731 service departing Sorell at 7:30am was upgraded to an express route X31.

The X31 does not travel via Midway Point and Rosny. Travelling direct offers passengers a faster trip and means the bus is less affected by Tasman Highway roadwork delays.

Midway Point passengers that previously used the route 731 can now instead catch the earlier route 732 service, departing Sorell at 7:20am, or travel to meet the route X31 service at Tasman Hwy/Penna Rd at 7:40am.

We made this change to improve service reliability, as the 7:30am route 731 service was the most affected by South East Traffic Solution delays.

This change ensures the morning Sorell to Hobart service arrives in Hobart on time, preventing flow-on network delays.

We acknowledge that this change will not solve all of the late running associated with roadworks in the region. There are five roadwork projects underway or scheduled to begin soon, and we will keep monitoring the impact on timetables.

To learn more about Carlton, Dodges Ferry and Sorell services, contact Redline at or 1300 360 000.

For more information about this timetable change, contact the Department of State Growth on or 6166 3343 (9 am to 5 pm weekdays).