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1Who needs accreditation?

You are required to hold accreditation if you operate a passenger transport service. This includes:

  • taxis
  • luxury hire cars
  • restricted hire cars
  • buses.

Accreditation is also required for anyone who hires out self-drive vehicles (rental cars, vans, motor homes).

2How do I apply for accreditation?

To apply for passenger transport accreditation you should:

  • complete the Self-Assessment Tool to determine which category of accreditation you need
  • complete the application form at the end of the Operator Accreditation Guide for that category
    • Operator Accreditation Guide Categories A and B
    • Operator Accreditation Guide Category C

To apply for hire and drive (rental vehicle) accreditation you should:

  • complete the application form at the end of the Operator Accreditation Guide

You should make sure the application is complete when it is submitted.  The application process will take longer if your application is incomplete

4Audit process

Your accredited service will need to undergo an audit in accordance with a condition of the accreditation.

If you need to arrange an audit, you will need to choose an approved auditor.

The Transport Commission may accept a self-audit checklist and report if your service meets specific criteria.  A self-audit report may be accepted if you provide a Category C service, hire and drive passenger service, or if you are undertaking voluntary accreditation.

5Approved auditors

Approved Auditors for the purposes of operator accreditation under the Passenger Transport Services Act 2011.