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Bus travel is an integral part of how many students get to and from school each day. A significant number of Tasmanian students travel on buses to attend school, and all students have the right to feel safe while waiting for, travelling on, boarding and disembarking from buses.

The Passenger Conduct Code for School Bus Services (the Code) sets out the expected standards of behaviour for students when using a bus. It also provides guidance and processes for bus operators and drivers to follow when a student breaches the Code. This ensures that all students, and breaches of the Code, are treated in a fair and consistent manner. All operators of School Bus Services have adopted the Code as conditions of travel for the purposes of regulation 11 of the Passenger Transport Services Regulations 2013.

The Code has been developed by the Department of State Growth in consultation with the Tasmanian Bus Association (TasBus), the Department of Education, Catholic Education Tasmania and contracted school bus operators. A shared understanding between all stakeholders of the expectations of students travelling on buses – and the consequences for any inappropriate behaviour – is essential for ensuring compliance with the Code.

The majority of students behave appropriately when travelling on buses. Unfortunately, there are times when this does not happen. This can affect the safety and comfort of other passengers, as well as the driver. When students do not have access to a safe bus service this can affect their sense of well-being, which may impact on their ability to learn and places pressure on parents/carers to find alternative means of transport.