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Masks are currently mandatory in high-risk and vulnerable settings until further notice.

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Bus operators are contracted by the Department of State Growth (State Growth) to provide school bus services under the Passenger Transport Services Act 2011. Compliance with the Code is a requirement of the bus operator’s school bus services contract.

The Code is designed as a framework for students, parents, caregivers, drivers and bus operators to follow – it is not an exhaustive list of behaviours. Consequences for inappropriate behaviour apply only to the behaviours exhibited by students while using bus services. The behaviours outlined in the Code also apply while, boarding and disembarking the bus.

The Code and actions under it, only concerns rights and responsibilities of users and providers of school bus services. Operators, drivers, parents, and schools should also be mindful of any reporting obligations they may have under other statutory regimes such as the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1997 and the Criminal Code Act 1924 in relation to inappropriate behaviour by or directed at school children.