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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are one of a number of measures that help to reduce unacceptable behaviour on buses. State Growth requires CCTV to be installed on some buses and State Growth will communicate this requirement to each bus operator individually.

Bus operators and State Growth may review images derived from bus security cameras (where installed and where a bus operator is contractually required to provide footage) to substantiate claims of a breach of the Code.

Bus operators must ensure they comply with any guidelines established by State Growth for the use of bus security camera systems. Compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 is required.

Where CCTV is a requirement, the State Growth Passenger Service Contract Standard Conditions stipulate that the Operator must, in relation to each Trip, record video footage of the interior of the Approved Vehicle, or Alternative Vehicle, being used to operate that Trip.

The Approved Monitoring Equipment must be configured so that, in respect of the Trip, the recorded video footage, at a minimum, records:
1. the picking up and setting down of passengers
2. any payment made by a passenger to the driver of the Approved Vehicle or Alternative Vehicle (but not necessarily the amount paid)
3. the date and time the footage was taken.

The footage taken by the Operator, must be stored by the Operator for the period of 45 days commencing on the date the footage was recorded.

Parents/carers are not permitted to view CCTV footage recorded by bus operators. If a parent/carer believes a serious breach of the Code has occurred, this must be raised with the bus operator.