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Masks are currently mandatory in high-risk and vulnerable settings until further notice.

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Parents and carers should ensure their children know and behave in accordance with the Code.

Students must behave courteously, respectfully and in accordance with the Code.

Bus operators are responsible for ensuring the quality operation of bus services, and that student behaviour is managed in accordance with the Code.

Bus drivers are responsible for the general operation of the bus.

Schools can provide assistance in managing breaches of the Code in consultation with the relevant bus operator and parents/carers.

State Growth administers contracted public transport services in Tasmania.


Parents and carers

  • Have primary responsibility for the behaviour of their children.
  • To ensure their children are capable of travelling independently on the bus.
  • Should discuss the Code with their children so they clearly understand what they should and should not do.
  • Will communicate respectfully with the bus operator, driver, school and State Growth staff.
  • Will be available for discussions about the behaviour of their children.
  • Co-operate with the school and bus operator in managing student misconduct.
  • Make alternative travel arrangements for a child suspended from the bus.


  • To follow reasonable instructions from the driver.
  • To sit or remain where directed (or exit, the bus in case of emergency).
  • To respect self and others, including their property.
  • To communicate respectfully with others.
  • To report any unsafe or inappropriate behaviour to the driver or their school.
  • To accept any consequences for bus misconduct.

Bus operators

  • To ensure their drivers are appropriately trained and supported in implementing the Code.
  • Must keep clear records of behaviour incidents involving school students, including actions taken.
  • To communicate respectfully with students, parents/carers and schools to collaboratively manage student behaviour on buses.
  • Will enforce and apply the code fairly and evenly to all passengers.

Bus drivers

  • Will drive in a safe manner and take reasonable care for the safety of the passengers in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Will treat students fairly and with respect, including communicating in a clear, appropriate and respectful manner.
  • Will provide reasonable direction to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.
  • To ensure that all incidents of inappropriate behaviour (even minor ones) are reported to the bus operator in the manner required by the company.


  • Assist bus operators where appropriate, to manage student behaviour, e.g. assist to identify students involved in an incident and forward communication from Bus Operators to parents/ carers.
  • Schools can also assist by:
    • Ensuring the school community is aware of the Code and how to access it.
    • Communicating with students about the importance of adhering to the Code.

State Growth

  • Will maintain the Code for student behaviour on buses in Tasmania.
  • Will monitor bus operators’ application of the Code and manage escalated complaints where appropriate.
  • Provide support and assistance to the bus industry.