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You can pay a fare on the bus using a smartcard or cash.


A smartcard is an electronic card that stores travel credit and can be topped up online.

When you use a smartcard you get a discount and can transfer between buses for free.

  • Your fare is 20% cheaper than the cash fare.
  • Within 90 minutes of getting on the first bus, you can transfer for free to another bus operated by the same company.

When you board simply tap your smartcard on the machine near the driver and your fare will be deducted.

Different bus operators use different smartcards.


  • The companies that use Greencard are Metro and Tassielink.
  • You can use the same Greencard on all Metro and Tassielink services.

Learn more and apply for a Greencard.


  • The companies that use Transportme are MerseyLink, Derwent Valley Link, East Tamar Bus Lines, Manions Coaches, and Redline (Public Derby, Scottsdale and Bridport routes only).
  • Transportme cards can’t currently be shared between companies.
    • For example, if you get your Transportme card from MerseyLink you can use it on MerseyLink services but not Derwent Valley Link services.

Learn more and apply for a Transportme card by choosing your bus operator from the list below:


You can buy a single-trip or 10-trip ticket from the bus driver using cash. Drivers appreciate it when you have the right change.

10-trip ticket

If your bus operator does not offer a smartcard option you can buy a 10-trip ticket. The 10-trip ticket offers a 20% discount compared to single-trip cash fares.