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Please complete all sections on this form and press submit and allow up to five business days for your request to unfreeze to be actioned.

Information for applicants

The registration will be considered unfrozen (active) at the date and time that you submit your application to unfreeze, however, please allow two to three business days to receive a response from the Department.

You will receive an email from when your application has been processed.

Once a registration has been unfrozen a secondary application to freeze the registration will not be accepted.

Information for operators of Heavy vehicles who operate a Passenger Transport Service Vehicles

  • If the registration of a vehicle has been frozen for a period not exceeding six months the registration period and Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) due date will be extended by the amount of days frozen and a new inspection due date sticker will be provided.
  • If the registration of a vehicle has been frozen for a period of six months or longer and, if the PPV inspection fell due within that time, the vehicle will require a PPV inspection before the registration will be unfrozen.

Information for taxi operators

  • Taxi operators who have applied to freeze via the Taxi Package are eligible for a public passenger vehicle inspection free of charge. Free inspections are only available for the registrations which were approved following an application to freeze via the Taxi Package.
  • You will know which package you have applied for by reviewing the email response you received from the Department with the outcome of your application.
  • To receive a free inspection, please email with a request to unfreeze. A referral to an approved inspection station (AIS) will be provided to you. Free inspections are not available at all inspection stations.
  • Your registration number(s) and contact details will then be provided to the AIS. Please do not visit an AIS without first receiving confirmation from the Department of which inspection station you have been referred to.
  • When you have undertaken your free inspection please complete this application form and accompanying passed inspection report which can be attached to this application.
  • If you applied to freeze the registration of your taxi under the business Vehicle Registration Relief Package and not the Taxi Package you will need to refer to our Vehicle Registration Relief Package FAQs webpage as you are not entitled to a free inspection, other conditions apply.
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