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1How do I make a complaint about a vehicle with offensive slogans or advertising?

Complaints must be lodged with Ad Standards.

More information on the complaints process is available on their website.

They will investigate and advise us if:

  • they decide the advertising/slogan is offensive, and
  • actions are not taken to remove or change the advertising/slogan.

2What happens if a vehicle is judged to have offensive slogans/advertising?

Ad Standards will send the registered operator a notice to:

  • remove the slogans/advertising, or
  • change the wording.

If the registered operator does not comply

We will send a registration cancellation notice.

  • This will give the registered operator a further 14 days to remove or change the slogans/advertising.
  • If they fail to comply the registration will be cancelled.

To re-register the vehicle

Contact Ad Standards to remove the advertising code breach notice. Ad Standards will contact us and confirm the advertising/slogan has been removed or modified. A roadworthiness inspection will be required before the registration can be re-established.

3If you are concerned a vehicle you have hired may have been reported and had its registration cancelled

You can use the Tas Rego Check service to make sure the vehicle you have hired is registered. If you have any concerns about the vehicle you have hired you will need to contact the hire car or campervan company.

Please note:

  • This information only applies to Tasmanian registered hire and drive vehicles that are MAIB Class 8 vehicles.
  • If you have a complaint about an interstate vehicle, please refer to the transport authority in the state or territory in which the vehicle is registered.